(Photo by Las Vegas Lights FC)

VEGAS - The Las Vegas Lights FC are joining in on the fun in supporting the Golden Knights during their run in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs with a slight jersey change featuring #NoTeal.

Vegas sports fans are probably thinking and asking themselves why are the Lights FC organization doing this? They are doing this in full support to their sports neighbors in town the Golden Knights who are somewhat engaged and occupied at the moment in the National Hockey League's most important second season, trying to get back to the Stanley Cup Final. 

The Golden Knights are currently taking on the San Jose Sharks in the opening round of this years Stanley Cup Playoffs. Right now, Vegas is trailing in that series against San Jose as they lost game one by a 5-2 defeat.

For the young USL soccer franchise, this is not the first time they showed their support for Nevadas hockey team with a specialized or modified jersey kit. In fact, it was their last home game, in which the Lights FC rocked a special commemorative Golden Knights jersey kit on “Knights Night”.


(Photo by Las Vegas Light FC)

The creativity that is being demonstrated by the Lights FC shows soccer fans and sports fans alike, in general, is the need to keep things fresh and unique. With the #NoTeal modification to their jersey kits for this Saturday's match against Tacoma Defiance, is just another way the Lights FC organization is engaging with their fans.

According to the Lights FC, they will take metallic gold sharpies to cover up the iconic blue striping that are featured on their home jersey kits. 

“It’s admittedly arguable as to if the shades of blue in our jersey resembles a form of the color teal, but we aren’t taking any chances!” said Lights FC Owner & C.E.O. Brett Lashbrook. “We love VGK and always want to show our support. Until the first round of the NHL playoffs are over we will not have our players wear anything teal colored. Viva Lights! Go Knights Go!”

Kick off for Saturday's match on the pitch against Tacoma has a start time of 7:30p at Cashman Field.